All About  "The Sons Of The Desert"
The Sons of the Desert is an international fraternal organization devoted to memory of the persons and films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The organization is named for the Laurel and Hardy film of the same name. It was founded in 1965 in New York City, by Orson Bean, Al Kilgore, John McCabe, Chuck McCann, and John Municino. Since then, many local chapters have been founded around the world. These chapters are known as "tents" and are named after a Laurel and Hardy film. Each tent also receives an oasis number, which corresponds to the order in which they are admitted to the organization.

There are over 150 active tents worldwide. Every tent is independently operated, so you will have to contact them for more about their dues, rules, and meeting schedules.

Click here to search the online database of Sons of the Desert Tents.

There are many people who do not have a tent nearby, but wish to be a member of the Sons of the Desert. The Utopia tent is reserved for such "delegates at large," who are unable to attend club meetings. There are currently over 400 Utopia members. You can apply for membership by paying dues of $18 ($21 outside the U.S.). You will receive a one-year membership in the Utopia tent, a membership card, and a two-year subscription to the Intra-Tent Journal. Utopia membership is strictly reserved for individuals who cannot otherwise join a local. To join, please contact:

Roger L. Gordon
2230 Country Club Drive
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006


We would like to thank the "Way Out West" Tent - Oasis #5. Some of the information listed on this page was provided by them and was reprinted by permission.