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The Big Noise (1944) VHS
A crackpot scientist has invented a new bomb, but when crooks try stealing it, he sets out to hire the best guards available. Unfortunately, there's a war on, so "the best guards available" turn out to be Laurel and Hardy! The boys do their part for the war effort in this comedy that also stars Doris Merrick and Little Bobby Blake. 74 min.

The Bullfighters (1945) VHS
One of Laurel and Hardy's last films turns out to be one of their best feature comedies, as the duo head out to Mexico for a rest, only to run into gangsters who mistake Stan for a top matador. Lots of laughs, including a great closing sight gag. 61 min.

Great Guns (1941) VHS
When Laurel and Hardy joined the army, the enemy never had it so easy. Stan and Ollie's mix-ups make for much merriment in this feature-length comedy. Dick Nelson, Sheila Ryan co-star; look for a young Alan Ladd. 74 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Block-Heads (1938) VHS
Ollie is reunited in a veterans hospital with old army pal Stan, who stayed in the trenches for 20 years because no one told him the war was over. Trouble--and hilarity--starts when they go back to Ollie's home to meet Mrs. Hardy in this fun-filled L&H outing. With Billy Gilbert, Patricia Ellis. 60 min.

Our Relations (1936) VHS
There's twice the fun in this Laurel and Hardy laughfest, as Stan and Ollie accidentally meet their long-lost twin brothers, a pair of happy-go-lucky sailors, and get mixed up in a search for a missing diamond ring. With Alan Hale, Sidney Toler. 74 min.

Pack Up Your Troubles (1932) VHS
In their second feature-length comedy, Laurel and Hardy are incompetent soldiers who agree to look after the orphaned daughter of a war buddy while they try to track down her grandfather. With Tom Kennedy, Grady Sutton, Billy Gilbert. Complete, uncut version includes scenes never available before on video. 68 min.

Sons Of The Desert (1933) VHS
One of Stan and Ollie's finest efforts has the daffy duo attending a lodge convention against their wives' wishes and having fun...and getting into trouble. Charley Chase and Mae Busch also star in this great comedy classic. 64 min.

Swiss Miss (1938) VHS
Laurel and Hardy are mousetrap salesmen in Switzerland who, because of slow sales, take jobs as waiters in a resort chalet. A music festival, romance and kitchen shenanigans play parts in this fun-filled romp. With Walter Woolf King, Della Lind. 72 min.

Way Out West (1937) VHS
A young woman in the Wild West town of Bushwood Gulch is about to lose her father's deed to landgrabbers, when galloping to the rescue come...Laurel and Hardy? Watch as the duo beat the bad guys in this frontier farce that includes the classic song "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." With Rosina Lawrence, Stanley Fields. 65 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 1 VHS
Featured are "The Music Box" (1932), the Academy Award-winning short in which Laurel and Hardy are hired to move a piano to a house on the top of a hill; "County Hospital" (1932), where Stan goes to visit a convalescing Ollie and, after sitting on a sedative-filled needle, tries to drive him home; "The Live Ghost" (1934), where the boys are shanghaied into service on a "haunted" ship; and "Twice Two" (1933), in which the duo play themselves and each other's wives, wreaking havoc when they try to celebrate their anniversaries. 93 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 2 VHS
Featured are "Blotto" (1930), which finds Stan and Ollie preparing for a wild night on the town with some bathtub gin--unaware that Mrs. Hardy has replaced their illegal booze with a non-alcoholic beverage; "Towed in a Hole" (1932), about the boys' adventures catching their own fish for their fish-selling business; "Brats" (1930), which has Stan and Ollie playing babysitter for their mischievous sons (played, of course, by Stan and Ollie); and "Hog Wild" (1930), where the simple job of putting a radio antenna on the roof of Hardy's house turns into a calamity. 90 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 3 VHS
Featured are "Oliver the Eighth" (1934), about a wealthy widow who proposes to Hardy, who in turn finds out her seven prior late husbands were all named Oliver; "Busy Bodies" (1933), which details the boys turning a lumber mill upside-down; "Their First Mistake" (1932), a comic tale of Stan and Ollie taking care of a baby that they adopted to keep Mrs. Hardy happy; and "Dirty Work" (1933), which has them as troublesome chimney sweeps who get mixed up with a mad scientist and his "rejuvenation formula." 90 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 4 VHS
Featured are "Another Fine Mess" (1930), in which Stan plays butler and maid to Ollie, who's impersonating a famous big-game hunter while the real man is on safari; "Come Clean" (1931), where a trip to the ice cream parlor has the boys rescuing a would-be suicide, then hiding her from their wives; "Laughing Gravy" (1931), in which Stan and Ollie try to find their dog after their landlord tosses the pooch out in the cold; and "Any Old Port" (1932), where the fellas try to help a hotel chambermaid by having Laurel box her behemoth of a boss in the ring. 90 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 5 VHS
Featured are "Be Big" (1931), in which Laurel and Hardy try to dodge vacation with their wives in order to go to a stag party; "The Perfect Day" (1929), about a picnic in the country that goes awry; "Night Owls" (1930), in which cop Edgar Kennedy hires vagrants Stan and Ollie to help him improve his shaky arrest record; and "Helpmates" (1932), in which Stan tries to help Ollie clean his party-ravaged house. 89 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 6 VHS
Featured are "Our Wife" (1931), detailing what happens when Ollie tries to elope--with some not-very-helpful assistance from Stan; "The Fixer Uppers" (1935), in which the boys' attempts to help a woman's artist husband notice her wind up getting Ollie challenged to a duel; "Them Thar Hills" (1934), where a "restful vacation" in the mountains gets the fellas mixed up with hostile moonshiners; and "Tit for Tat" (1935), in which a man who owns a grocery store is convinced next-door repair shop owners Stan and Ollie are after his wife. 90 min.

The Bohemian Girl (1935) VHS
The famed operatic work was transformed into a comedy for Laurel and Hardy, who get mixed up with a Gypsy caravan and become "foster parents" of a girl who is in reality a kidnapped princess. With Thelma Todd, Darla Hood. 70 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 7 VHS
Featured are "Below Zero" (1930), which finds struggling musicians Stan and Ollie coming across a cash-filled wallet--that belongs to a cop; "Thicker Than Water" (1935), the team's final two-reeler, where Ollie's attempts to prove his fiscal responsibility to his wife backfires; "Midnight Patrol" (1933), in which the fellas are rookie cops who mistake the chief of police for a burglar; and "Me and My Pal" (1933), with Stan distracting Ollie on his wedding day to his boss's daughter with a gift of a complicated jigsaw puzzle. 80 min.

Pardon Us (1931) VHS
Laurel and Hardy's first feature-length film was, in fact, one of their best. The boys are sent to prison after selling bootleg beer to a cop and wind up annoying the warden, the guards and their fellow inmates, as well as getting involved in an escape scheme. With Walter Long, James Finlayson, June Marlowe. This version features footage never available before on video. 68 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 8 VHS
Featured are "Man o' War" (1929), in which Laurel and Hardy are sailors on leave who make friends with two gals, then take them for a wild ride on a boat after Laurel hits it big on a slot machine; "Laurel & Hardy Murder Case" (1930), in which Stan discovers his rich uncle was murdered--and he's a prime suspect!; "Scram" (1932), detailing the antics that occur when layabouts Stan and Ollie stay at a mansion at the request of a friendly drunk; and "One Good Turn" (1931), which tells of how Stan and Ollie try to help a widow who they mistakenly believe is about to be thrown out of her home. 89 min.

Laurel & Hardy Classics, Vol. 9 VHS
Featured are "Beau Hunks" (1931), in which Stan joins Ollie in the Foreign Legion in hopes Ollie will forget the woman who dumped him; "Chickens Come Home" (1931), focusing on mayoral candidate Ollie being harassed by an ex-girlfriend; "Going Bye-Bye" (1934), where the boys help send a tough crook to jail, then unknowingly take his girl along with them when they try to leave town; and the duo's first all-talking short, "Berth Marks" (1929), where they're vaudeville performers who get into trouble on a crowded train trip. 108 min.

March Of The Wooden Soldiers (Restored Version) (1934) VHS
Victor Herbert's operetta "Babes in Toyland" was adapted to fit the screen antics of Laurel and Hardy, and the result is a magical film comedy for all ages. Stan and Ollie are apprentice toymakers for Santa Claus who must save Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme characters from crooked Mr. Barnaby. This special edition includes the original "storybook" opening and musical number. 77 min.

A Chump At Oxford (1940) VHS
The halls of academia are in for it when Laurel and Hardy are given a chance at an Oxford education after foiling a bank robbery, and Ollie's in for it when a flowerpot on the head leaves Stan thinking he's a vain British aristocrat, in this grade-A comedy. Wilfred Lucas and a young Peter Cushing co-star. NOTE: This is the original 42-minute version of the film (without 20 minutes of unrelated footage producer Hal Roach added for European release).

The Flying Deuces (1939) VHS
Laurel and Hardy join the Foreign Legion, but it's not as much fun as they might have thought. Sinister Charles Middleton (Ming in the Flash Gordon series) is the commander and he means business! One of the wildest airplane sequences ever filmed makes this old-time comedy a real treasure. 78 min.

March Of The Wooden Soldiers (Restored Color Version) (1934) VHS
Victor Herbert's operetta "Babes in Toyland" was adapted to fit the screen antics of Laurel and Hardy, and the result is a magical film comedy for all ages. Stan and Ollie are apprentice toymakers for Santa Claus who must save Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme characters from crooked Mr. Barnaby. This special edition includes the original "storybook" opening and musical number. 77 min.

Bonnie Scotland (1935) VHS
Take the high road to laughter with Laurel and Hardy as they play two bumblers who are unwittingly inducted into the Scottish army and become stationed in the Indian desert. 80 min.

The Devil's Brother (1933) VHS
Stan and Ollie play bandits hired by a real robber called Fra Diablo out to bilk a king of his treasures. Superior L & H moments mix with operatic sequences for a hilarious and hummable effort. Dennis King and Thelma Todd co-star. AKA: "Bogus Bandits," "Fra Diavolo." 88 min.

Hollywood Party (1934) VHS
Star-studded comedy musical features Jimmy Durante as jungle film hero "Schnarzan," who throws a lavish party to impress the owner of some prize lions he'd like to use in his next movie. Among the invited (and uninvited) guests are Laurel and Hardy, Ted Healy and the Three Stooges, Lupe Velez, Jack Pearl and even Mickey Mouse (who introduces a Technicolor cartoon sequence). Songs by Rodgers and Hart include "Reincarnation" and the title song. 68 min.

Nothing But Trouble (1944) VHS
Laurel and Hardy excel in this humorous fable, playing a pair of servants who help an exiled boy king in trouble. After the boys are put in jail for kidnapping the ruler, he helps them find freedom. Hilarious comedy bits abound. Henry O'Neill and David Leland co-star. 69 min.

Air Raid Wardens (1943) VHS
After a series of miscues in different jobs, Laurel and Hardy enlist in the service and are made air raid wardens. Their ineptitude elicits a less-than-patriotic response from the town, especially when they try to practice their first aid "skills." Edgar Kennedy, Jacqueline White also star. 67 min.

Pick A Star (1937) VHS
A young girl from Iowa comes to Hollywood in search of fame and, after some tough times, gets a chance thanks to the efforts of a publicity man. Hal Roach's comic inside look at Tinseltown features Laurel and Hardy in hilarious cameo appearances; Jack Haley, Rosina Lawrence, Patsy Kelly and Mischa Auer co-star. AKA: "Movie Struck." 76 min.

Utopia (1951) VHS
Laurel and Hardy's final film has the boys inheriting a South Seas island, only to discover that their paradise is rich in uranium. A funny and fond farewell to Hollywood's funniest duo. AKA: "Atoll K." 83 min.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 1 VHS
This collection of laugh-filled shorts features silent solo turns by Stan Laurel in "Hustling for Health" (1928) and Oliver Hardy in "Along Came Auntie" (1918), followed by fellow Hal Roach Studio alumni Our Gang in "School's Out" (1930); Edgar Kennedy in "Motor Maniacs" (1946); and "When Wifey's Away" (1941), starring Leon Errol. 94 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 2 VHS
Stan and Ollie appear as asylum inmates who make life miserable for neighbor Max Davidson in the silent comedy "Call of the Cuckoo" (1927). Other gems in this volume include the Edgar Kennedy shorts "A Quiet Fourth" (1941) and "Hold Your Temper" (1943), plus Hal Roach's kid-detective whodunit "Who Killed Doc Robbin?" (1947). 99 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 3 VHS
Handyman Stan Laurel is the dupe a neglected wife uses to make her husband jealous, and Oliver Hardy plays the family butler, in "Slipping Wives" (1927). Next, Harry Langdon plays a love-starved reporter in "The Big Flash" (1932); Harold Lloyd has a cameo in the silent Our Gang short "Dogs of War" (1923); and Edgar Kennedy slowly burns in "I'll Fix That" (1941). 102 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 4 VHS
Although not working as a team, Stan and Ollie first appeared together in the Hal Roach comedy "Forty-Five Minutes from Hollywood" (1926), a slapstick look at California life. Laurel also stars, sans Hardy, in "Scorching Sands" (1923); Our Gang goes camping in "Bear Shooters" (1930); and James Gleason stars in the Roach "streamliner" musical "Hay Foot" (1941). 104 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 5 VHS
"On the Front Page" (1926), a Stan Laurel solo comedy, is followed by the thin one co-starring with Ollie in "Sailors Beware" (1927). The duo also make a cameo as hitchhikers in the Charley Chase short "On the Wrong Trek" (1936), followed by Our Gang in "Derby Day" (1923) and Edgar Kennedy in "Duck Soup" (1942). 96 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 6 VHS
Follow Stan Laurel into "Roughest Africa" (1923) and Oliver Hardy as "Cupid's Rival" (1923), two silent rib-ticklers from the duo's pre-team days. Next, the original Our Gang kids crash "High Society" (1924), followed by the early Technicolor featurette "Fiesta" (1941). 119 min. total.

The Second Hundred Years (1927) VHS
Considered the first "official" Laurel & Hardy teaming, this classic comedy short features Stan and Ollie as convicts who tunnel out of prison, then pose as painters. The pair swipe classy clothes from visiting French officials, but end up back behind bars when the officials turn out to be prison experts. James Finlayson also stars in this gem, written by Leo McCarey. 23 min. Silent with music score.

Why Girls Love Sailors (1927) VHS
Hilarious Laurel & Hardy two-reeler with Ollie as the first mate on a ship in who helps his brutal superior kidnap meek sailor Stan's lovely girlfriend (Viola Richard). In order to get her back, Stan poses as a flapper--and draws the captain's romantic attentions in the process. 21 min. Silent with music score.

Leave 'Em Laughing (1928) VHS
Ollie has a wicked toothache one night, and Stan tries to help him by taking him to the dentist the next morning. Problem is, the dentist has a sadistic streak that spooks the boys and leads to them inhaling too much laughing gas. While overcome by the ha-has, Stan and Ollie draw the attention of policeman Edgar Kennedy, who has it in for them. 21 min. Silent with music score.

Love 'Em And Weep (1927) VHS
Stan Laurel is given the unenviable task of keeping his recently wed businessman boss's unpredictable ex-flame away from a party he's throwing. But Stan has no luck, and when she crashes the soiree, has to introduce her as his wife. This causes a meltdown when Laurel's real spouse arrives on the scene. Oliver Hardy has little screen time as a party guest, but took a bigger part in the short's 1931 reworking, "Chickens Come Home." With James Finlayson, Mae Busch. 24 min. Silent with music score.

From Soup To Nuts (1928) VHS
Anita Garvin and Tiny Sanford are a married couple who strike it rich and decide to throw an extravagant dinner party to impress their new high society friends. They contact a waiter service for some help--but the "help" turn out to be an inept Stan and Ollie--in this early L&H farce. 18 min. Silent with music score.

Putting Pants On Philip (1928) VHS
Stan Laurel is Philip, a Scottish man who has travelled to America to visit cousin Oliver Hardy. However, Hardy views his cousin's traditional kilt as a skirt and, worried that the situation will cost him his favorable standing in the community, takes Laurel to the tailor for the hilarious chore of dressing him properly. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Sailors, Beware! (1927) VHS
Stan Laurel is a cab driver who inadvertently ends up on the same ship as Anita Garvin after she cheats him out of her taxi fare. Laurel is forced to work under purser Oliver Hardy to pay his way, and hi-jinks ensue after Laurel stumbles onto Garvin's thieving scam. 26 min. Silent with music score.

With Love And Hisses (1927) VHS
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are members of an Army Reserve unit on a weekend exercise. Laurel manages to cause problems for captain James Finlayson and the rest of the soldiers, including accidentally burning up their clothes while they're skinny-dipping and getting them chased by an angry swarm of bees. 24 min. Silent with music score.

Should Married Men Go Home? (1928) VHS
Oliver Hardy and wife Kay Deslys are trying to spend a quiet day at home when rambunctious Stan Laurel comes calling. Stan is ready for a round of golf and although Ollie is not interested, his wife sends them both on their way after Stan manages to destroy the house. That's only the beginning, however, as the bumbling pair make a "muddy" scene at the golf course. 22 min. Silent with music score.

Slipping Wives (1928) VHS
Priscilla Dean is being ignored by her husband, so she hires handyman Stan Laurel to flirt with her in order to make hubby jealous. Of course, Laurel manages to make a mess of the situation as he mistakes someone else for her spouse and runs afoul of disapproving butler Oliver Hardy. 18 min. Silent with music score.

The Lucky Dog (1917) VHS
This historic short is notable for featuring the first screen appearance of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy together, years before becoming a duo. Laurel is a broke man who gets evicted from his home and then hassled by local thug Hardy, only to be saved by a dog that he befriends and who also manages to win him the heart of a rich beauty. 24 min. Silent with music score.

The Laurel And Hardy Collection VHS
Featured are five shorts produced in the 1920s featuring Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy in respective solo roles. In "The Home Wrecker" (1924), Stan is a laborer given a job as a building foreman without prior experience; Ollie is a scheming driver trying to stop "the Speed Kid" from winning a big race in "The Four Wheel Terror" (1924); explorer Laurel runs into all sorts of animals in "Roughest Africa" (1923); millionaire Ollie promises to make his intended wife a big star if she marries him in "Crazy to Act" (1927); and in "The Paperhanger's Helper" (1925), paper hanger Hardy answers a call from a mental hospital. 80 min.

Two Tars (1929) VHS
Laurel and Hardy "retribution" classic in which Stan and Ollie are sailors on leave who take a pair of gals for a ride but soon encounter a wild traffic jam, dangerous gumballs littering the highway, and irate motorist Edgar Kennedy. And wait until you see the boys get revenge! 21 min. Silent with music score.

They Go Boom! (1929) VHS
Ollie's sneezing and wheezing prompts Stan to try to figure out a way to rid his pal of a cold, but his inventive medical methods lead to disaster in this early L&H talking comedy, beautifully mastered from an original 35mm nitrate negative. 20 min.

Liberty (1929) VHS
In one of their most amazing, stunt-filled films, Laurel and Hardy are escaped prisoners who wind up wearing each other's pants and hiding out in an elevator which takes them to the top of an under-construction skyscraper...and into bigger trouble. Look for Jean Harlow in a cab. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Big Business (1929) VHS
Stan and Ollie are Christmas tree salesmen in sunny Southern California who are having little luck hawking their wares. They decide to take orders for next year's trees from prospective customer James Finlayson, but he doesn't take kindly to their pitch, and a wild melee ensues. 20 min. Silent with music score.

That's My Wife (1929) VHS
Laurel and Hardy get "dragged" into hilarious trouble when Ollie has to persuade Stan to impersonate his missing wife in order to win favor with a rich uncle. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Double Whoopee (1929) VHS
Taking a job as replacements for New York hotel doormen, Stan and Ollie are soon mistaken for a Prussian prince and his associate. After ripping the skirt off of a young Jean Harlow and causing all sorts of trouble, the boys' antics leave the real prince stuck in an elevator shaft. 20 min. Silent with music score.

You're Darn Tootin' (1928) VHS
Laurel and Hardy are band members whose playing eventually drives the local townsfolk into a frenzy of kicking, punching and violence (and all this decades before punk rock!). Regular L&H foil Edgar Kennedy directed this wild, unpredictable outing. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Their Purple Moment (1928) VHS
Stan and Ollie's first foray into domestic comedy finds them holding out their weekly pay from their wives--and getting caught in the act. Stan's wife substitutes his hidden loot with cigar coupons, and when the duo go out for a night of carousing sans spouses, all heck breaks loose. 21 min. Silent with music score.

Do Detectives Think? (1927) VHS
Many of them do, but not gullible gumshoes Laurel and Hardy, who are assigned to protect judge James Finlayson from a mad killer out to get him, in one of the boys' first films as a full-fledged team. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Flying Elephants (1927) VHS
Rival cavemen Laurel and Hardy try--badly--to show who's the best hunter in order to win the hand of a pretty cavegirl in this gem of prehistoric slapstick. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Angora Love (1929) VHS
It takes a lot to get Stan and Ollie's goat...especially when the boys go to outrageous lengths to hide the stray animal from their landlord. 21 min. Silent with music score.

Early To Bed (1928) VHS
After inheriting a fortune and hiring Stan as his butler, Ollie turns into a bullying boss whose comeuppance comes with a hilarious frenzy of destruction by Laurel. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Wrong Again (1929) VHS
A mix-up between a horse named "Blue Boy" and the famed painting of the same name sends Laurel and Hardy on a wacky chase that winds up with the boys supporting a piano with the steed on top. 20 min. Silent with music score.

We Faw Down (1928) VHS
Looking for a night away from the wives, Stan and Ollie get a lot more than they bargained for...including being caught, minus trousers, with some young ladies. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Habeas Corpus (1928) VHS
"Everybody needs some bodies sometimes," especially Laurel and Hardy, who are hired by a mad scientist to rob a local cemetery for his experiments in this offbeat L&H tale. 20 min. Silent with music score.

The Battle Of The Century (1927) VHS
Two versions of this long-lost comedy are included here. First up is the "restored" version of Stan and Ollie's parody of the Dempsey-Tunney fight, which includes still photos and pages from the original screenplay to replace a missing scene from the second reel. Silent with no music score. Followed by a second version which does not include the added material. Silent with music score. 28 min. total. score and sound effects. 28 min. total.

Unaccustomed As We Are (1929) VHS
This Laurel and Hardy double bill features the beloved screen pair's first full sound short as well as its silent counterpart. Ollie's promise to Stan of a home-cooked meal by his wife brings forth a good deed by a blonde neighbor, the anger of her policeman husband, and an array of thrown pots and pans. 40 min. Silent version includes Vitaphone music.

Duck Soup (1927) VHS
Unearthed in Belgium(!) some six decades after its first showing, this long-lost short subject stars Laurel and Hardy as two vagrants tapped by the Forest Service to help extinguish a fire that was set by two vagrants...and the inevitable confusion sets into motion a hilarious chain of events. 18 min. Silent with a Vitaphone soundtrack.

Sugar Daddies (1927) VHS
When oil tycoon James Finlayson wakes up from a drunken spree to learn he married a golddigger the night before, he turns to butler Ollie and lawyer Stan to help him out of his predicament. Silent L&H short features a wild amusement park chase. 20 min. Silent with music score.

Double Whoopee (All-Talking Version) (1929) VHS
Available in a special "talkie" edition with voices by comedian/Laurel and Hardy buff Chuck McCann and a '20s danceband score.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 7 VHS
Stan and Ollie are just part of an all-star cast that includes Wallace Beery, Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Buster Keaton, Our Gang and Edward G. Robinson in the Masquers Club benefit short "The Stolen Jools" (1931). Then, Edgar Kennedy slowly burns in "The Big Beef" (1945) and "Brick-a-Brac" (1935); Our Gang answers "The Fourth Alarm" (1926); and Laurel goes solo in "Oranges and Lemons" (1923). 95 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 8 VHS
Ollie appears with Clyde Cook in the nautical comedy "Should Sailors Marry?" (1925), while Stan stars in "The Soilers" (1923), with frequent L&H foil James Finlayson. Harry Langdon has roadside troubles in "The Hitch-Hiker" (1933), followed by "Our Gang Follies of 1938" (1937) and "Rough on Rents" (1942), starring Edgar Kennedy. 91 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 9 VHS
The fellas are spotlighted in early solo turns, with Stan starring in "Short Kilts" (1924) and Ollie in "Bromo and Juliet" (1926). Next, Leon Errol plays opposite a young Veronica Lake in "The Wrong Room" (1939); Our Gang stars in "Good Cheer" (1926); and Edgar Kennedy learns to "Act Your Age" (1939). 102 min. total.

Laurel & Hardy & Friends, Vol. 10 VHS
"Love 'Em and Weep" (1927), which the boys later remade as "Chickens Come Home," finds candidate Ollie being blackmailed by an old flame. Hardy also appears with Charley Chase in "Fluttering Hearts" (1927), followed by Edgar Kennedy in "Radio Rampage" (1944) and "Sock Me to Sleep" (1935) and the Our Gang short "Monkey Business" (1926). 106 min. total.

The Finishing Touch (1928) VHS
Hired to complete an under-construction house, hapless handymen Laurel and Hardy manage to build a series of slapstick incidents that leave their client with a less-than-secure home, the residents of a neighboring hospital seeking peace and quiet, and beat cop Edgar Kennedy covered in whitewash! 23 min. Silent with music score.

Bacon Grabbers (1929) VHS
In one of their final silent shorts, Laurel and Hardy are process servers who'll stop at nothing to repossess a radio from debtor Edgar Kennedy, who's just as eager to keep the pair out of his house. Jean Harlow also appears as Kennedy's wife. 20 min. Silent with music score.

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